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News for UW-Stout Alumni, Parents and Friends 

Spring 1992 

CHANCELLOR'S COLUMN - Impressions of Cuba 

Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen 

The door to Cuba was opened briefly 
late in February, allowing a small 
delegation from UW-Stout to explore 
educational opportunities there. It was a 
memorable experience. The seven-day 
visit was long enough to gain some strong 
impressions about Cuba, but too short to 
draw any firm conclusions. 

At the invitation of INTUR, an agency 
formed by the Cuban government to 
develop tourism, I joined two of our staff 
members, Esther Fahm, dean of the 
School of Home Economics, and Jafar 
Jafari, associate professor of hospitality 
and tourism, for a visit which began with 
our late night arrival in Havana 
February 24. 

Havana is a large city, nearly two 
million people reside there, yet I was 
struck by the almost total darkness that 
greeted our flight. Streets were nearlyvoid 
of traffic and while the main streets had 
street lights, the side streets were 

normally totally dark. It was very easy 
to imagine what cities must have been 
like in the nineteenth century before 
the development of modern, efficient 
street lighting. 

When I had the opportunity to tour 
Havana during the daylight hours, I was 
struck by its deterioration. Everything 
seems in need of repair; buildings, roads, 
communication systems, water systems, 
everything. It is a gray, somber city and 
somehow the word melancholy captures 
how I felt as we visited this Cuban capital. 
Because there is little electrical power, 
the buildings are dimly lit and everything 
inside seemed to reflect the exterior. 
Roofs leaked, ceiling tiles were stained, 
plumbing was usually in ill repair and at 
times running water was a prize 

In contrast, I gained a very positive 
impression of the people. We met 
primarily with university faculty and 
officials and governmental professionals. 
I was struck by their optimism, their 
curiosity about the United States, their 
pride in the revolution and what it 
accomplished in the area of health care 
and education. Health care is generally 
good and free to all Cubans. Their 
elementary and secondary education is 
mandatory, and it is generally accepted 
that nearly all Cubans are literate. 

I came away with the impression,.too, 
that these people realize that without 
normal relations with our country, Cuba 
cannot truly prosper. 

After five days in Havana, we drove 
90 miles east to Veradero, a coastal city 
that is experiencing rapid tourism growth. 
Although we drove at night, there were 

hundreds of bicyclists and pedestrians 
going in either direction along the sides 
of the highway. 

With the tap on needed Soviet oil 
closed, transportation is almost at a 
standstill. Oil supplies, when available, 
go to industry and agriculture. If you 
need to go from one town to the next, you 
have no alternative but to join the army 
of bicyclists and pedestrians. Public 
transportation is scarce. 

Importation of American automobiles 
ceased in 1959. Later model autos are 
generally the Russian Ladas. With no 
inventory of parts available, autos are 
literally wired together to keep them 
running. Our group concluded that if you 
need a 1959 Chevrolet, Cuba is the place 
to find one. 

Along a 12-mile stretch of coast from 
Veradero, with some of the world's most 
beautiful beaches, there are 7,000 hotel 
rooms . Plans call for adding 23,000 more 
in this decade. Cuba now attracts 
approximately 300,000 tourists annually, 
the same number the country ailracted 
before Castro look control. Cuba would 
like to host 2 million tourists a year. The 
government is counting on dollars 
from tourism to pave the road to 
economic recovery. 

With one of the largest education 
programs in hospitality and tourism, it's 
apparent that UW-Stout has much to 
offer Cuba's emerging industry. 

But there are numerous constraints 
governing the development of any 
relationship. Our government has 
sanctions in place that preclude any 
arrangement at this time. Before our 
group left for Cuba, the State Department 


Therese Willkomm, Ankeny, Iowa, 
received the Outstanding Alumni award 
during winter commencement exercises 
December 14. 

Willkomm has been program director 
of farm family rehabilitation 
management for the Easter Seal Society 
of Iowa Inc., in Des Moines, since 1986. 
Her responsibilities include providing 
rehabilitation services to farm families 
affected by physical disabilities and 
providing agricultural worksite 
modification consultation. 

Prior to joining the Easter Seal 
Society, Willkomm held positions 
with Purdue University, West Lafayette, 
IN; Management Consulting and 
Rehabilitation Services Inc., Ankeny, LA; 
Mankato State University, Mankato,MN; 
Drake University, Des Moines, LA; and 
the program for Independent Living 
on campus. 

Willkomm received a bachelor's 
degree in vocational rehabilitation from 
Stout in 1982, and st master of science 
degree in vocational rehabilitation from 
Drake University, Des Moines, in 
1984. She has been published 

(left to right) Louis and Joanne Willkomm joined Chancellor Charles W. 
Sorensen to honor their daughter, Therese Willkomm '82 as the Outstanding 
Alumni Award recipient 

extensively, and has presented on rural 
rehabilitation technology and rural 
service delivery issues innumerous states 
and foreign countries. 

Willkomm was president and founder 
of the Iowa Rehabilitation Technology 
Alliance in 1988; founder of the Dunn 

County Citizen Advocacy Program for 
Developmental Disabilities in 1980; 
recipient of the CORA Award for Women 
in Communications in 1990; and Young 
Woman of the Year in 1984. She has also 
received several research grants. 

made it clear that we could do nothing 
that might aid the Cuban economy, even 
forbidding us to provide information that 
might be helpful. 

University of Havana officials that 
met with us eagerly sought to establish 
faculty and student exchange programs 
or short courses in tourism training. 
Although they need expertise in tourism, 
there isn't a single educational area that 
they are not interested in. 

Cuba has been out of the mainstream 
for more than 30 years. The country 
offers proof that isolationism can be 
stifling. While other countries search for 
new identities, Cuba appears to be on the 
brink of change of some kind as well. 

I expect that in this decade we will 
see the United States and Cuba formally 
recognize one another, establish trade 
relationships, and normalize relations. 
This is logical and realistic, but 
expect very little until after the 
November elections. 

UW-Stout has a long standing 
commitment to international education. 
In this instance, we are one of only several 
universities in the country to have 
explored programs with Cuba. From my 
perspective, this kind of global 
networking helps UW-Stout keep pace 
with change. and helps UW-Stout 
grow educationally. 

Inside this issue: 

Alumni Association 
Outlook 2-3 I 

Outlook 4 

Alumni In 
The News 5 

Activities , 

• •••••••• Vr : 

Outlook 7-8 

Class Notes 9-11 

On The Cover: 

Apparel Design/ 
Manufacturing students 
use the Computer Aided 
Design (CAD) System to 
sketch apparel patterns. 



Student callers reached over 4,000 UW-Stout parents during the spring 
parent phonathon. Clockwise from lower left: DeanTenpas,DanaPischke, 
Darrel Austin, Tricia Kilpatrick, Cynthia Gulati, Denise O'Malley, Andrea 
Hougaard and Craig Smiga. 

The second annual fund-raising 
phonathon directed toward parents of 
current UW-Stout students has been 
completed. The total amount pledged, 
including matching gifts, is over $3 1 ,600 
which is 92 percent more than last year. 
annual fund-raising campaign conducted 
by the Stout Foundation on behalf of 
current needs of the university. 

Current UW-Stout students staffed the 
phones and enjoyed visiting with parents, 
reminding them about Family Weekend 
and explaining the Annual Fund. "It was 
great. The parents here are very friendly. 

My best experience was when I got my 
first $100 pledge," said Andrea 
Hougaard. "It felt good to know that 
people can afford to give and don't 
hesitate to help out." 

"The phonathon was a new experience 
for me, and I enjoyed the variety of 
students that I worked with. My best 
experience was reaching an alum who 
was also a parent. He had a lot of 
interesting things to say, and we both 
enjoyed the call." 

Thank you to all the parents who made 
this project so successful and enjoyable. 

This is your invitation to the... 

Fourth Annual f? Big Reunion" 

Randall L. Pickering 

Your Stout Alumni Association has 
always focused on being the mechanism 
for us as Alumni to remain in contact 
with the University and our fellow 
Alumni. The question is, how do we 
foster this what 

The Alumni Association Board of 
Directors has directed the staff and 
executive committee to undertake a 
review of our strategic plan. In any good 
management model, there is always a 
phase for "evaluation." Overthe next six 
months, that is what the Association 
wants to do. Evaluate itself in terms of 
how well our programs are working to 
foster and maintain contact between 
alumni and the University. Suzette 
Franks' column this month overviews 


Summerfest would like to 
salute all Alumni, students 

and friends from all UW- 
System Universities during 
the Big Reunion Weekend. 

Saturday, June 20, 1992 

At the Summerfest 


Milwaukee, Wisconsin 



Entertainment for the 
Entire Family! 

Activities Include: 

•City of Festival Parade at 1 :30 p.m., Downtown Milwaukee •Entertainment on Summerfest Grounds 
Following City of Festivals Parade -Food and Beverages Sold from Over 130 Restaurants -University 
Booths for Alumni Check-in and UniversityMemorahilia found in Marketplace Area (across from the 
Sports Area) For further information, call the Alumni Office at 715/232-1151. 

two changes approved by the Board on 
an experimental basis, one relating to 
Homecoming, and the other relating to 
class reunions. 

We are not looking for revolution, 
but evolution. Alumni gatherings, 
participation in Department 
recommended conferences, and the 
OUTLOOK have been well received by 
Alumni. But in true Stout tradition, we 
want to do it better. My challenge to you 
this month is to give the subject some 
thought. What could the Alumni 
Association do to improve the post- 
graduation interaction between Alumni 
and the University. Your input will be 
greatly appreciated. Take a minute and 
send me your thoughts or comments, 
c/o UW-Stout Alumni Association, Louis 
Smith Tainter House, P.O. Box 790, 
Menomonie, WI 54751-0790. 
















University of Wisconsin-Stout 
Menomonie, Wisconsin 

Spring 1992 

Published by the UW-Stout Foundation and 
Alumni Association and distributed free of 
charge to Stout graduates, friends andparents 
of Stout students. 

All copy is accepted at the discretion of 
the editor. 

Editor: Suzette L. Franks 
Classnote Editor: Charlene Smith 
Photographer: Marty Springer 
Editorial Office: 

Louis Smith Tainter House 


P.O. Box 790 

Menomonie, WI 54751-0790 


UW-Stout Alumni Association 
Board of Directors 

Randall L. Pickering, BS 79 

Vice President/President-Elect 

Kelly Meer, BS '85 


Connie Cahow, BS 78 

Patricia Freer, BS '82 

Shirley Strachota Graham, BS '62 

Colleen Hartmon, BS '88 

Karen Hodgson, MS 76 

Joanne Leonard, BS '64 


Carol S. Lund, BS 74 

William J. "Bud" Micheels, BS '32 

Linda Mickelson, BS 75 

DuWayne Nennig, BS '84 

John Ostrowski, BS 79, MS '80 

Isaac Owolabi, BS '84, MS '84 

John Postman, BS '49 

Robert Schams, BS '83 

Kathleen Levenhagen Sewell, BS '84 

Tracy Spoerl, BS 74 

Todd Trautmann, BS '84 

Ann Yurcisin, MS 78, Eds '81 


Student Representatives 

Suryadin Soemarson, International 

April Frelke, Graduate 

Jennifer McCord, Undergraduate 


ALUMNI DIRECTOR'S COLUMN New Alumni Association Board Members 

Suzette L. Franks 

The UW-Stout Alumni Association 
Board of Directors met on Saturday, 
March 14. at the Ground Round 
Restaurant in Richfield, MN. At this 
meeting the board addressed some very 
important agenda items that have 
significant impact on our 1992-93 
alumni programs. 

As you are a valued asset and your 
involvement can only enhance our ability 
to fulfill our purpose, I would like to 
highlight some key decisions made that 
impact the Association's homecoming 
and reunion activities structure. 

A significant discussion occurred 
concerning homecoming attendance 
which has changed considerably over 
I In* jcars. Toikiy ;ilumm" arc all 
experiencing heavy demands on their 
time in both their professional and their 
private lives. It was agreed that 
homecoming is an important tradition. 

However, the Association agreed it 
should reevaluate the current activities. 

The past program for homecoming 
was to host apre-parade brunch, reunions 
and recognize the Distinguished and 
Service award winners at a post game 
banquet and dance. 

In an effort to draw more of an 
audience to these activities, the board 
voted to discontinue the banquet and 
dance. Instead, the Association will focus 
the activities on an expanded brunch 
incorporating the recognition of the 
distinguished and service awards. 
Classes interested in special reunion 
programs in conjunction with 
homecoming are welcome to initiate 
such activity. 

Reunions beginning in 1 993 will be 
held in the summer months with more of 
an "alumni college" focus — both social 
and educational. This change will affect 
the reunions for the classes of 42. 52. 
62. 66, 72 and 82. Any class member 
interested in participating on the working 
committee for their class, please contact 
the Alumni Office at 715/232-1 151. 

Watch for complete details of the 
1992 homecoming activities including 
the registration form in the August issue 

of the Outlook. 













What Can an Accurate Address 
[eae to You? 

Would you send a resume using an 
incorrect address and phone number to 
the employer with whom you most want 
a position? Don't you keep in touch with 
a current resume and address? If not, you 
could be missing out... 

The importance of your continued 
contact with the UW-Stout Alumni 
Association is no different. Why?? The 
UW-Stout Alumni Association is waiting 
to welcome you, when you graduate, to 
its membership. Immediately following 
graduation, yOu become a member in 
good standing with the UW-Stout Alumni 
Association. The organization is not 
dues-paying. You will not receive 
solicitations from the Association office 
in order to maintain your affiliation. 
However, your involvement with our 
multitude of activities will substantially 
sustain your satisfaction.. .and ours. 

Your continuing involvement and 
support is crucial to UW-Stout, the UW- 
Stout Alumni Association and YOU. 
This support helps enhance the 
university's reputation as a premier 
undergraduate institution with strong 
supporting graduate programs. And, at 
the same time, your own reputation as a 
UW-Stout graduate is enhanced. The 
quality of your degree remains constant 
with the reputation of the university. 

The Alumni Association, organized 
in 1934, sponsors a wide range of 
programs, benefits and services. Some 

of these activities include reunions, 
Homecoming, alumni chapters and many 
other special benefits for UW-Stout 

Stil 1 you ask, "How can this enhance 
my career opportunities?" The Alumni 
Associationin cooperation with potential 
employers has begun providing targeted 
mailings of job notices to Stout alumni. 
The company selects the major and years 
of graduation required for the position 
and the UW-Stout Alumni Association 
sends the notices. This service is provided 
at no cost to the university, the alumni 
association or alumni. 

In order for you to find this service 
useful at some future date, this office 
must have your correct name and address. 
If you move or change your name after 
you leave UW-Stout, please inform us. 
It will only take you a few minutes, and 
it will allow us to not only send you 
potential employment opportunities and 
copies of the UW-Stout Outlook, but 
notices about alumni events in your area 
and homecoming reminders. 

We hope the UW-Stout Alumni 
Association will be helpful to you over 
the years, and we also hope you will 
participate in and take advantage of all 
the programs. So, Stay In Touch! 


New board members of the Alumni Association were installed at the March 14 
Board of Directors meeting. They are:, (front l-r) John Ostrowski BS '79, MS 
'80, Suzette Franks, Alumni Director, Issac OwolabiBS '84, MS '84, and 
Chancellor Sorensen (back l-r) Alumni Board President Randy Pickering '79 
and Todd Trautmann '84. A complete roster of the Alumni Association board 
appears on page two. 




Plans are underway for a Golden 
Anniversary celebration for the Classes 
of 1941, '42 & 43 in July 1992. A- 
committee composed of alumni has been 
formed to work on arrangements. 

Serving on the committee are 1941- 
43 graduates: Sam Barich, Kay Michaels 
Barnard, Nona Landt Crist, Vernon 
Feiler, Charles Finney, Jack Hammond, 
Feme Olson Hollister, Margaret Dockar 
Howland, Evelyn Berg Klug, James 

Peterman, Robert Rudiger, John and 
Edith Lackner Richter, Wes and Harriet 
Greenwood Schlough, Howard and 
Phyllis Wagner Schwebke, Myrtis 
Petersen Whydotski, and Gretchen 
Voechting Ziesmer. 

Details on all of the events will be 
mailed early May to all 1941-43 
graduates. In the meantime, they are 
asked to reserve July 1 and 1 1 for their 
own special "homecoming." 

Lost Alumni 

If you have a current address for any of the following alumni, please share 

it with the Alumni Office 


Waldron E. Bitney 

Grin G. Clementson 

Robert H. Douglas 

Robert L. Formoe 

E.W. Fricke 

Georgia C. Johnston 

Robert G. Maidl 

Pat North Mitchell 

Marian I. Holzer Olson 


Roselyn D. Potter Van Gonten 

Mary Jane Jankowski Barrett 

Christine Berendsen 

Tony G. Dechiara 

Shirley B. Fuller Goodrich 

John James Gunderson 

Edward Francis Haungs 

Clara Brown Jensen 

Joan S. Jeyen 

Ruth Esther Justin 

Doris A. Latshaw 

Alf Rassmussen 

Leslie Leroy Smith 

Barbara Sweet 


Loyd J. Webert 

Virginia Quilling Fenner 

Marian Ingrid Gallaway 

Lawrence Gilberston 

Rosanna Herriges 

Jack Hesselman 

Lois M. Latshaw 

Dorothy Chesky Scarf 

L.G. Schmidt 

Lois Skeels 

Mildred Ann Uzelatz 

Jean Turney Wollum 




Great Northern Corporation 
Honors Retiring Officers 

Ralph Searles, 
CEO and president 
of Great Northern 
Corporation, met ■ 
with university . 
officials recently to 1 
. create scholarships 1 
and grants in honor ■ 
of the co-founders [ 
of the corporation, ■ 
J. James Davis and ■ 
Robert \V. Brown, ff 
Great Northern, I 
founded in 1 962. is psgjfjj; 
an independently 
owned, multi-plant company encaged in 
the design, manufacturing and marketing 
of corrugated containers, creative point- 
of-purchasc displays, plastic protective 
packaging and laminated paper products. 
Searles noted that the vision provided by 
the co-founders has allowed the company 
the ability to respond successfully to 
market demands and maintain a leadership 
position in the packaging business. 

Two $1,500 scholarships will be 
awarded annually to UW-Stout students 
who are in the packaging program. The 
two SI. 500 grants in honor of the co- 
founders will enable the department to 
acquire laboratory resources and 
support professional staff and/or 
student development. 

Dr. Arthur Mullcr. chairof the Packaging 
Department noted, i lie scholarships and 
grants arc a tribute to the two Great 
Northern co-founders. And. the UW- 
Stout Packaging Department is honored 
to have been chosen to receive the funds." 


*:• ' ;\ 








(Above) Chancellor Charles IV". 
Sorensen accepting a plaque which 
identifies the two newl\ established 
packaging scholarships and grants 
in honor of retiree*: Robert W. 
Brown, former Executive Vice 
President and J. James Davis, 
former President and CEO. Great 
Northern Corporation, (l-r) Pat 
Reisinger, Stout Foundation 
Director: Dr. Art Midler, Packaging 
Chair: Cynthia Searles. Ralph 
Searles. CEO and President of 
Great Northern Corporation and 
Cham -el lor Sorensen . 

(Below l-r) Robert W. Brown and J. 
James Davis 

Colleagues and Former Students 
Salute Margaret Harper 

~\ Margaret Harper 

"overwhelmed, thrilled 
and truly honored" to have 
a scholarship established 
for her in the School of 
Home Economics. 

The endowed 

scholarship will provide an 
annual monetary award to 
a senior who is majoring 
in home economics 
educational services, 
maintains a 3 .0 grade point 
average and will fulfill the 
student teaching requirement in the year the 
scholarship is awarded. 

Contributions continue to be accepted for 
the scholarship. She enjoys hearing from 
friends and former students. Her address is: 
825 East Seventh Street, Concordia, Kansas 

Gilbertson Memorial 

A S300 memorial scholarship will be 
awarded this semester at University of 
Wisconsin-Stout in memory of Michael T. 
Gilbertson, 20-year-old son of Carlyle and 
Ruth Gilbertson, who died as the result of a 
car/bicycle accident last March. 

The scholarship will be available to a 
currently enrolled student in the university's 
master's degree program in guidance and 
counseling. It will be based on need plus 
interest and professional dedication to career 
guidance and counseling programs. 

Funding for this scholarship is being 
provided by a group of professionals in the 
United States who are members of the 
National Career Development Guidelines 
Training Cadre, a program of the National 
Occupational Information Coordinating 
Council (NOICC), Washington, D.C., and by 
the Gilbertsons. 

A scholarship fund has been established 
in honor of Margaret Harper, emeritus 
professor of foods, who taught food science 
at the university from 1943 to 1967. The 
scholarship was announced at the celebration 
ofher 87th birthday, January 1 7, in Concordia, 
Kansas. According to her niece, Margaret is 

Westinghouse Establishes 
the Ralph A. Stevens 

Westinghouse, Elliott Valve Division, 
Houston, Texas, has established an endowed 
scholarship in honor of Ralph A. Stevens '60, 
former plant manager of Elliott Valve, who 
died following open heart surgery June 21, 
1991. The scholarship will be awarded 
annually to undergraduate students- who are 
majoring in industrial technology with a 
concentration in organization management. 
It is the first scholarship to be awarded for 
students in that program. 

Ralph began his Westinghouse career in 
1 965 as an instructor in fire control. He held 
sales, supervisory andmanagementpositions 
for Westinghouse divisions before assuming 
the leadership of Elliott Valvein 1984. Ralph 
was instrumental in doubling the gross sales 
at Elliott after years of decline due to Elliott's 
direct relationship to the oil industry. Ralph 
attributed the success to the employees. One 
official explained that Ralph had the ability 
to inspire his employees, and Ralph's 
comment, "It's not the TQ' but the 'I will' that's 
important," reflected his confidence in the 
workforce at Elliott. 

The Arthur M. Nakatani Endowed 
Education Scholarship 

John A. and Kathryn M. 
Jarvis Scholarship 

Friends and family of the late John Jarvis 
have established a scholarship in the name of 
both Kathryn and her late husband, John. The 
$500 scholarship will be awarded each year 
to a student who is a graduate of a Dunn 
County Wisconsin high school and who is 
enrolled in the School of Industry and 
Technology. The scholarship wilfbe awarded 
beginning the fall of 1992. 

John Jarvis served as dean of industrial 
education during the years of change and 
growth. He provided the leadership which 
lead to the subsequent reorganization of the 
School of Industry and Technology. He was 
a leading force in the industrial education 
profession. He authored several textbooks 
and held major offices in all of the 
related professional industrial education 
organizations while continuing to serve as 
the dean. Kathryn continues to live 
in Menomonie. 

Dori and Mike Ritland 

A Stoutprofessorhas established a$500 
scholarship for a psychology major or public 
relations specialization student The Dori 
and Mike Ritland Scholarship will be awarded 
beginning in the fall of 1992 for junior or 
senior students who are members of the local 
Society of Human Resource Management 
, Mike Ritland is a professor of psychology 
and has been on the university's staff for 28 
years. The scholarship will be administered 
through the Stout University Foundation Inc. 
"We're pleased to have the opportunity to 
offer a scholarship in the psychology area 
with the public marketing emphasis because 
of Dori and Mike's generosity," said Pat 
Reisinger, Foundation director. 

Arthur Nakatani 

Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen announced 
the creation of the Stout Foundation Arthur 
M. Nakatani Scholarship with an initial gift 
of $25,000 from Mrs. Kiyo Nakatani, Captain 
CookrHawaii, in memory of her son who 
died in 1 989. Arthur graduated from UW- 
Stout in 1971 with a degree in industrial 
education. He received his master's in 

vocational, technical and adult education in 
1972. He was teaching in the Kealakehe 
Elementary and Intermediate School in the 
District of Kona at the time of his death. 

Mrs. Nakatani said, "Arthur loved his 
students. He was a born teacher who had 
found his profession and enjoyed every minute 
with his students." 

The $1,250 scholarship will be awarded 
annually to students who major in education 
and who exhibit Arthur's abilities with 
children. A preference will be given to 
Hawaii residents. 

Chancellor Sorensen, in accepting the 
scholarship, remarked, "Teaching is a most 
important profession. Teachers are the most 
important individuals in a student's life other 
than their immediate family. They have a 
profound influence on students, and we all 
remember a teacher who positively affected 
our lives. This scholarship willhonor Arthur's 
life and, at the same time, honor an individual 
who will instill the love of learning in others 
and make a difference in students' lives. 
Arthur's career will be fulfilled, and 
continue through the scholarship awardees 
teaching adventures." 


Stout Graduate to 

Head First 

Company in Stout 

Technology Park 

Tom S. Cervenka, who graduated from 
UW-Stout in 1984 with a BS in 
industrial technology and majored in 
manufacturing engineering, will head up 
a "high tech" custom injection molding 
facility being established in the Stout 
Technology Park by Phillips Plastics 
Corporation. The plant will be an 
automated facility utilizing CAD/CAM 
and robotics to manufacture medical 
instruments, devices and tools and 
medically implantable products that will 
be marketed worldwide. The plant will 
initially employ 25 people but anticipates 
an expansion up to 200 persons in two to 
three years. 

This will be the first manufacturing 
plant in the technology park. Chancellor 
Charles W. Sorensen and Bruce Siebold, 
dean of the School of Industry and 
Technology, welcomed the company and 
pledged university cooperation to 
establish a mutually beneficial 
relationship. In meeting with . Cervenka, 







(l-r) Paul Hoffman, Director of the Stout Technology Park; Tom Cei~venka '84, 
Operations Coordinator for Phillips Plastics; Pat Reisinger, Executive Director 
of the Stout University Foundation; and Joseph Hollan, Associate Dean of the 
School of Home Economics 

the Chancellor indicated that as a result 
of the technical expertise and resources 
of the university in the areas of plastics, 
packaging, rehabilitation technology, 
technology transfer, etc., the university 
was well positioned to be of assistance to 
the company. The Chancellor also noted 
that the university has received 

permission to plan an ABET Credited 
Manufacturing Engineering Program. 
The dean has indicated a business/ 
industrial professorship will be extended 
to Cervenka to facilitate interaction 
between the company and faculty and 
students of the university. Cervenka 
stated that they chose the Stout 

Technology Park because of the "close 
relationship with the University of 

Phillips Plastics will initiate 
manufacturing in a leased 15,000 square 
foot speculative building but has taken 
option on an adjacent lot for the possible 
construction of their own building. They 
also own six acres in the park on which 
they eventually plan to construct an 
educational facility for their company. 
Paul Hoffman, director of the technology 
park, said that "Phillips Plastics is exactly 
the type of company needed in America 
forthe growth and benefit of the country. 
It is a company that while serving the 
needs of society today has a vision for 
the future and is willing to invest in 
research and development for the future. 
It is a perfect first company for the 
technology park." 

The summer of 1992 will witness not 
only the establishment of this "high tech" 
manufacturing plant but the opening of 
the 20,000 square foot educational facility 
of the Chippewa Valley Technical 
College. One of the priorities for the 
park, according to Hoffman, is to find 
funding for an additional speculative 
building for leasing, as other companies 
are expressing interest in the Stout 
Technology Park. 

Art Graduate Receives Excellence Award 

Kristine Wohnsen, a 1988 graduate 
of the art and design department . recently 
won the Gold Idea VI industrial Desism 
Excellence Award and was featured in 
"Innovation," the journal of the Industrial 
Design Society of America. The 
competition is one of the top forms of 
recognition in design. Wohnsen's 
recognition was for the design of a device 
called "the Tadpole," a product that is 
intended for use by infants diagnosed 
with gastroesophageal reflux. GER, as it 
is also known, is a malfunction of the 
esophagus muscles that causes frequent 
return of stomach contents. If untreated, 
GER can cause weight loss, failure to 
thrive, abnormal neurologic symptoms 
and apnea. Wohnsen, an industrial 
designer at Tumble Forms, developed 
the product along with Michael Gravel 
of Bissell Healthcare Corp. 

Kristine Wohnsen '88 

a o o o a 
□ o b a a 


Catherine Schneider Moore '90 cilxno of St. Paul was liie winner of the 
drawing for the liW-Stom sweatshirt from the Alumni Association. Moore, a 
second war law student at Hamlin University, was one of 43 respondents to 
the association's interest survey. 

Mosley Chosen National Rehabilitation 
Association President 

! ^^"/gSpl 




Spencer L. Mosley 72 of Green Bay, 
Wisconsin, has been chosen by the 
National Rehabilitation Association as 
its president for 1 993 . Mosley has served 
on the board of NRA, as the president of 
the Great Lakes Region, and as the 
chairperson of the ACCESS U.S. 
program. He will serve an initial one- 
year term as president-elect and then 

(l-r) Spencer Mosely 12 poses with 
Patricia W. Reisinger '61 and 
Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen in 

assume the presidency on Jan. 1, 1993. 
During his tenure, Mosley will address, 
among other issues, the actualization of 
the Americans with Disabilities Act, 
reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act, 
the coalescence of chapter and division 
positions, and the continued progress of 
the ACCESS U.S. program. 



The Stout Alumni Association took 
advantage of Chancellor Sorensen's 
business schedule to invite alumni in 
Hawaii to a buffet and program Saturday, 
January 25. The buffet and alumni plans 
were coordinated by Jim Hamachek '9 1 , 
assistant manager of Trellesses 
Restaurant, Outrigger Prince Kuhio. He 
was ably assisted by the manager of the 
restaurant, Jana I. Stamos '84. Twenty- 
seven alumni and guests enjoyed 
socializing, dinner and Chancellor 
Sorensen's address. Recognition in the 
form of Stout gifts was given to the 
following: Kiyoshi Minami '44, earliest 
graduate; Jeffrey Strey '88, youngest 
graduate with the exception of Jim 
Hamachek; Herb Wantanobe '55, Hilo, 
and Brett Huske '76, Maui, tied for 
farthest from home; Robert Hirano '5 1 , 
for celebrating his birthday that day. 

The Chancellor presented a gift of 
appreciation to Buster Hagiwara '44 who 
engineered the Chancellor's meetings 

with the Hawaii Construction Industry 
Association, meetings with state 
education officials, and acted as the 
Chancellor's official guide of Hawaii. 
Both Jim and Jana were acknowledged 
for their role in organizing the successful 
alumni program. 

a □ a a 

□ □an 

□ a □-□ 














UW-Stout Women's 
Gymnastics Team 

in conjunction with ihc WWFAC 
G\ mnaslics Championships held at Stout 
on February 2'Jih. Kay Curler. Women's 
Gymnastics Couch, 1966-1989, along: 
with, team alumnae Barb Anderson '72 
and Marlene Wieman Backhaus '69. 
coordinated a reunion of former women 

Following the meet, the group met 
for a social gathering at Gary T's 
Restaurant in Menomonie. This was an 
opportunity to meet new friends, greet 
old friends and reminisce. 

Awards were given to: Wendy 
Chamberlin Guarnaccio '83 for traveling 
the farthest to attend from Libertyville, 
IL.; and Marlene Wieman Backhaus '69 
as the earliest team member in attendance. 

Women's Gymnastics Team Alumnae (front left): Jenny Erdmann, Jenny Evenson, Terri Traczyk-Rezac '85, 
Debbie Schultz '87, Lisa Hille '87, Lyme Fosberg '85, Tammy Ouradnik Dineen '83 (middle left): Tammy Dennis 
'87, Barb Anderson '72, Pat Sullivan Peterson '77, Krissy Danielson '91 , Michelle Scott Beeskow '90, Cosmas 
Whitten-Skaife '87, Wendy Chamberlin Guarnaccio '83 (back left): Carol Govin Springer '71, Marlene Wieman 
Backhaus '69, Cheri Johnson '91 , Sheila Doroff '91 , Jane Pletzer Ring '91 , Jodi Schaefer '90. 

Blue Devils Go A Howlin - Minneapolis/ 
St.Paul Area Alumni Gathering 

The Ground Round Restaurant in 
Richfield, MN was the gathering spot for 
UW-Stout Alumni. The group had an 
opportunity to meet old and new 
friends before boarding a bus 
and venturing to the 
Target Center to 
witness the defeat 
of the Minnesota 
Timberwolves by the 
Phoenix Suns or 
Sunday, March 15. 

Bob Schams '83 
assisted the alumni 
office in coordinating 
forty Stout alumni for the 
March 15th event. 

In attendance as well as 
Stout alumni were Chancellor and Toni 
Sorensen, Vice Chancellor George 
DePuy, Patricia W. Reisinger ' 61, 

Executive Director of the Stout 
University Foundation, and Suzette 
Franks, Alumni Director. 

Awards were given to 

DuWayne Nennig '84 

traveling the farthest 

(from Tampa, FL) to 

join the group; Kris 

Olson '90, Karla 

Buhrer '90 and Deb 

Blakeborough '90 

for the most recent 

graduates; Jack 

Graham '62 for 

earliest graduate; 

and Shirley Strachota 

Graham '64 for first 

reservation received. A special 

thanks to Bob Schams and the 

Ground Round Restaurant for providing 

door prizes. 

Men's Basketball Team 

Prior to the February 22nd UW-Stout Men's Basketball team game 
against Platteville, past members of the team gathered to 
play a rough game of hoops. Players returning for the 
game were: Mel Coleman '69, Jim Connelly '68, 
Glen Fischer '86, Jeff Cleveland 78, Kurt 
Stellpflug, Brian Ell ingson '87, Tom Gomolak, 
Keith Stone, Troy Hamilton, Steve Petznick '9 1 , 
Scott Gutzmann, Gary Lueck '76, Joe Kurth, 
John R. Patterson '91, Mike Barnes and 
Boyd Wiff '9 1 . Returning team managers 
were: Red McAndrews and Pat Brady. ,/. 

Connelly was recognized not only as IL 
the alum traveling the farthest, coming from 
San Antonio, TX, but also for being the 
earliest player in attendance. Cleveland and 
Brady were recognized as members of the 
1 974-75 Championship Team. McAndrews was 
recognized for his role of 1974-75 
Championship Team Manager. Ellingson 
was recognized for holding the 
assist record. 


Sorensen: Schools Face Challenges 

Says worker quality must improve 

The United States is losing two 
million jobs annually to foreign 
competition and new technologies, which 
indicates a strong need to improve the 
quality of our workforce, University of 
Wisconsin-Stout Chancellor Charles 
Sorensen says. 

Sorensen made his comments 
recently to a group of top-level Hawaiian 
officials during a trip to the islands. 

Each year, 400,000 workers need 
retraining, Sorensen said, and that high 
schools and colleges must take steps to 
ensure graduates are ready for the jobs 
being offered. 

... employment readiness will 
require a broadly educated, highly 
trained, technologically qualified 
workforce," Sorensen said. 

Sorensen delivered his address in 
Hawaii at a special breakfast meeting on 
vocational education, attended by 
representatives from the Hawaiian State 
Board of Education, the Hawaiian State 
Senate, the University of Hawaii and 
other groups. 

Sorensen also said that without a 
skilled, knowledgeable and flexible 
workforce. America cannot adjust to the 
new requirements and demands of a 
world economy. Sorensen pointed to a 
recent survey conducted by Fortune 
magazine showing that 77 percent of the 
400 executives who responded ranked 
American education either fair or poor. 
He also pointed out that about half the 
high school graduates go on to college 
and in this group, about 50 percent 
complete their studies. He said 10 percent 
of the high school graduates go to 
technical school and about half graduate. 

Sorensen said this is of particular 
concern because today's workers must 
be enterprising and creative; possess a 
broad technical background; have the 
ability to work independently with little 
supervision; have the ability to link the 
practical and the theoretical; and 
be a person who can analyze and 
find solutions. 

He told the group that UW-Stout is 
keeping abreast of changing needs in the 


Dr. Carol Dobrunz, chair of the Stout 
University Foundation Grants 
Committee, announced the following 
faculty and staff awards for 1992-93: 

The Geraldine Hedberg Faculty and 
Staff Grants, a recent gift from the 
Hedberg Foundation to sponsoraportion 
of the Stout Foundation grant program 
with a gift of $20,000 for the next five 
years, were awarded to: 

•Sputter Coating Samples for use 
in a Scanning Electron Microscope - 
Dr. Mary Orfield. The Chemistry 
Department of UW-Stout received a gift 
of a scanning electron microscope from 
3M. The microscope is now operating 
but limited to viewing metal samples 
which conduct electrons. This proposal 
is a request for a sputter coater which 
will be used to coat nonconducting 
samples with a metal or graphite making 
them suitable for viewing in the SEM 
and thereby greatly increasing the 
usefulness of the SEM. 

•Managing Your Marriage: 
Relationship Management Seminars 
for Rural West-Central Wisconsin 
Couples - Dr. Judy Rommel. The 
purpose of this project is to develop pilot 
test and print materials for seminars under 
the title Managing Your Marriage. These 
seminars will focus on changes in the 
economic outlook for farm families 
which have created strains on 
management capabilities related to stress, 
conflict, time and relationships. Materials 
designed will assist farm couples in 
transferring farm business management 
skills to their marital relationship. 

•Tending Our P's & Q's: Progress 
and Quality at UW-Stout - Gloria 
Bjornerud and Margaret Madson. 
The current period of resource limitation 
and rapid change suggests that the 
university must continuously improve 
quality to achieve progress as well as to 
stem to the erosion of public confidence 
toward higher education. This project 
will provide training and materials 
related to quality improvement 
methods for faculty, academic staff and 

classified personnel. 

The Stout University Foundation 
Grants were awarded to: 

• Library Special Services 
Directory - Richard Banks/Theresa 
Muraski. This project is designed to 
create an electronic directory to the 
services available for students with 
disabilities at the UW-Stout Library 
Learning Center. It will serve as a user 
friendly program that will show services, 
equipment and personnel to students, 
faculty and staff. 

•Instrumental Music Program at 
UW-Stout - Cathie Weissman/Jim 
Moss. The purpose of this proposal is to 
obtain tour funding. The bands will be 
able to make a one time trip as far 
as Milwaukee to perform at city 
schools with which UW-Stout has . 
partnership agreements. 

•Minority Rention Survey - 
Richard Tafalla. Minority student 
recruitment at UW-Stout has shown great 
improvement, however, the retention rate 
of minority students remains substantially 
lower than non-minorities. The purpose 
of this project is to determine factors 
that contribute to the low minority 
student retention. 

•Multicultural Culinary 

Experience - Gladys Earl. A 
multicultural culinary experience is 
planned for Family Weekend to be held 
on campus April 11, 1992. Participants 
will research, create and share foods of 
many cultures. The purpose of this 
experience is to develop students' 
knowledge of the foods used by many 
cultures, provide an opportunity to share 
culture, and gain and promote an 
appreciation for and acceptance of foods 
of other cultures. 

•Interactive Programs of Ethical 
Development Outside of the Classroom 
Environment - Mary McManus/ 
Thomastine Ureh. This goal of this 
project is to promote discussion of 
personal and professional ethical 
issues in an arena outside of the 
classroom environment. 



mm: lllsiPi 



Back row (l-r): Mike Rota, Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges, Alan 
Kohan, State Director of Vocational Education, Chancellor Charles W. 
Sorensen, Frank Walton, Director of Vocational Education for the University of 
Hawaii. Front row (l-r): Buster Hagiwara '44, Hawaii Construction Industry, 
State Senator Eloise Tungpalen and James Westlake, Director of Hawaii 
Construction Industry Association. 

workplace by working closely with 
business and industry. He listed an 
inventory of some of the partnerships 
UW-Stout has built with industry, 
including co-op educational programs, 

advisory boards, adjunct professors from 
the private sector, summer internships 
and the Stout Technology Park. 

Approval Given to Plan 
Engineering Degree 

Approval f or the uni versi ty to plan 
a new degree program in man ufacturing 
engineering is another milestone for 
the institution and perhaps one of the 
most significant developments of the 
decade for the UW System, Chancellor 
Charles W. Sorensen said. Sorensen 
issued his statement following approval 
by the University of Wisconsin System 
Administration for Stout's "entitlement 
toplan," the first step in a formal process 
of obtaining a new degree program. 
The approval followed a first reading 
of a "change of mission" for the 
university by the Board of Regents. 
The university will have about a year 
to plan curriculum and secure staffing 
before returning to the Board of Regents 
to seek final approval of the degree. 

The new degree will require a slight 
modification to the university's 
mission statement to include 
manufacturing engineering. Final 
approval for the mission change 
would come at the same time as final 
approval forthe degree program. The 
degree program was proposed after 
extensive study, including a recent 
consultants' report that was completed 
in January, Sorensen said. The 
consultants' report concluded that the 
applied nature of preparation for 
graduation from a proposed UW- 
Stout manufacturing engineering 
program would be closely attuned to 
the needs of medium and small 
manufacturing firms. 

School of Home 
Economics Proposes 
Name Change 

The faculty and staff of the School 
of Home Economics have proposed to 
Vice Chancellor DePuy that the name of 
the School be changed to the "College of 
Human Environmental Services" 
effective August 1992. Dean Esther 
Fahm states that the name change is 
"based on the current focus of academic 
program offerings and the contemporary 
mission of the School. Additionally, the 
proposed change reflects the evolution 
and development of home economics as 
a professional field of study in higher 
education as well as the organization and 
function of the unit at our University." 
The American Home" Economics 
Association recently reported 95 different 
names for units traditionally known as 
"Home Economics". 

ATTN: Industrial 
Technology Graduates 

UW-Stout industrial technology 
graduates who received their degrees 
between 1981 and 1992 are eligible for 
automatic certification through the 
National Association of Industrial 
Technology (NAIT) as either Certified 
Industrial Technologiests (CIT) or 
Certified Senior Industrial Technologists 
(CSIT) if they have at least five years of 
appropriate work experience. Students 
who have graduated from accredited 
programs (which Stout has been since 
1981) are eligible to be certified through 
a "Grandfather" clause being offered by 
NAIT until December 1992. After that 
time they would need to pass a 
certification examination in order to be 
allowed to use the CIT or CSIT 
designation after their name. UW-Stout 
will be mailing application forms to 
Stout graduates in September. If you 
want information before that time, 
contact: National Association of 
Industrial Technology, 3157 Packard 
Road, Suite A, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
48108. Phone (313) 677-0720. 





UW-System Women's Athletics was 
honored at the "National Girls & Women 
in Sports Day," March 5, 1992, Inn on 
the Park Madison. The Stout 
representatives included: (front 1-r) Lori 
Anda-Bowen, head Softball coach, 
intramural director Deb Allyn, head 
volleyball coach/wellness coordinator , 
and students Jennifer Carter and Lara 
Wegner (back 1-r) Judy Spain. 

Chancellor Charles W. 
Sorensen, Kim Canavera, 
student, Rita Slinden, acting 
athletic director, Kay Carter, 
women's gymnastic coach 
and Pat Reisinger, Stout 
Foundation Director and 
current Menomonie Area 
Branch President of AAUW. 
women honor scholars 
acknowledged and Sue Butler President 
of the American Association of 
University Women (AAUW) Legal 
Advocacy Fund presented Katharine 
Lyall, Acting President of the UW- 
System with a check in the amount of 
$5000 for Wisconsin Title EX outstanding 
women's programs. 

Fryklued Hall 

Remodeling and 


Plans for Fryklund Hall's $5 
million remodeling project are 
on schedule. When completed, 
the remodeled Fryklund Hall 
will provide state-of-the-art 
laboratories for computer assisted 
drafting and design, electronics, 
optics, computer integrated 
manufacturing, metallurgy and 
metal forming processes. A 
computer based apparel and textile 
design laboratory will be included 
on a portion of the third floor. 
This laboratory will also include 
CAD and CIM equipment. 

Individuals interested in a listing 
of surplus equipment to be 
auctioned in mid-May, contact 
Jean at 715/232-1686. 

University Assists Firm With Reusable Container 


A major Wisconsin manufacturing 
firm is proving that what's good for the 
environment can also be good for profits. 
John Deere's lawn and garden 
manufacturing plant in Horicon is 
switching to a reusable container system 
for its suppliers who now ship parts to 
the plant in costly, throw-away 
packaging. The container project is a 
cooperative venture with another 
Wisconsin company, Phillips Plastics 
Corp., and the university. Phillips has 
developed a computerized system to 
manage the reusable containers, said 
Bruce Hendrickson, president of Troix 
Corp., Division of Phillips Plastics. "We 
"had to develop a "system that would get 
the appropriate container to the right 
place at the right time," Hendrickson 
said. "The container tracking system will 
extend from the assembler's station at 
the Horicon plant to the manufacturing 
facilities of component parts suppliers, 

and all the handling and transportation 
points in between." Hendrickson said 
the new process will streamline handling 
procedures, increase product quality, 
provide a better work environment and 
reduce costs. In 1990, Phillips and John 

"What made this project unique 
was John Deere's willingness to 
look at the long-range impact not 
only on productivity but the 
environment as well " 

-Larry Schneider, Director 
Technology Transfer Institute 

Deere asked Stout to analyze John Deere's 
materials handling system. "Materials 
handling is a significant portion of 
manufacture and delivery costs of 
consumer goods," said Larry Schneider, 
director of the Technology Transfer 
Institute. "It's an important area of 
concern for companies looking to 


improve productivity. We regularly work 
with companies to address this issue. 
What made this project unique was John 
Deere's willingness to look at the long- 
range impact not only on productivity 
but the environment as well." Although 
John Deere Horicon Works had an a ward- 
winning recycling program in place, the 
company sent a significant amount of 
compacted crating and cartons to 
landfills. Wisconsin's new and tougher 
recycling law calls for increased 
restrictions on landfill use and greater 
reliance on recycling. As environmental 
laws become stricter, many 
manufacturing firms are expected to 
revamp their production processes. Deere 
went beyond minimal compliance with 
the law by implementing the reusable 
containers. The Stout study indicated 
that Deere could save more than $500,000 
annually with a program that reduced 
package and landfill costs. 

UW-Stout Seeks 
Cuban Contacts 

By Pamela Bowers 
EauCIaire Leader-Telegram 

The University of Wisconsin-Stout 
chancellor and two faculty members 
recently traveled to Cuba to look into the 
possibility of developing some type of 
exchange program with the University 
of Havana. 

Chancellor Charles Sorensen, 
Esther Fahm, dean of the School of Home 
Economics, and Jafar Jafari, associate 
professor of the Department of 
Hospitality and Tourism, went to Cuba 
from Feb. 24 to March 2. Their trip was 
funded by a tourism agency for the 
Cuban government. 

"We just got acquainted more or 
less," Sorensen said. "We signed a very 
general agreement saying within the laws 
of both countries we will try to find ways 
to cooperate." 

Sorensen said in the near future it 
may be possible for the vice president 
and/or the president of University of 
Havana to visit Menomonie. 

"Any relationship between the two 
universities will be difficult now because 
of the sanctions the United States has 
against Cuba," Sorensen said. "The U.S. 
State Department would allow him and 

UW-Stout representatives (back l-r) Jafar Jafari, associate professor of the 
Department of Hospitality and Tourism, Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen, Esther 
Fahm, dean of the School of Home Economics with Cubian hosts Lie. Bernardo 
Nievares DeLama, Orlando Rangel and Jesus Alvarex Valdes 

the faculty to travel to Cuba if they 
agreed not to give information that would 
help Cuba develop its economy," 
Sorensen added. 

"(This was) an attempt to develop a 
relationship so when we have normal 
relations with Cuba we'll be in a good 
position to have cooperative partnerships 

with Havana," Sorensen said. 

Sorensen said be believes within a 
decade the U.S. will lift sanctions and 
recognize the Cuban government. . 

At this point it may be possible to 
develop a faculty and student exchange 
program with the University of Havana 
and the two schools could engage in joint 

research projects, he said. 

Four American universities have 
an association with Havana now, 
Sorensen said. 

"We hope they'll provide insight 
into what we can and cannot do, " he said. 

UW-Stout was contacted by Cuban 
officials because they are interested in 
developing tourism, which is a program 
at the Wisconsin school. Cubans want to 
increase tourism to spur their economy, 
Sorensen said. 

Sorensen said Havana is a grand 
city, but with poor infrastructure. 
The city with about two million people is 
run down and lights are kept off to 
save electricity. 

The University of Havana is also 
deteriorating and in need of repair, 
Sorensen said. Between 7,000 and 8,000 
full-time students attend the college, 
although the extension programs reach 
about 25,000 people. 

Despite the run-down condition of 
the university, faculty members are 
upbeat and very active doing research, 
Sorensen said. 

For us to have an opportunity to be 
one of the first schools to work with the 
University of Havana, to help them when 
it is legally possible to do so, is exciting," 
Sorensen said, noting future exchange 
programs could allow cultural 
opportunities for UW-Stout students. 



Lyle Wines BS '33, MS '42, is retired in Cambria, 
CA, but is still active in the Retired Public 
Employees Association and the Cambria Round 
Table. He has received recognition from the 
Experimental Aviation Association forcompleting 
reconstruction of a 1 946 Aeronca Champion and is 
currently building a Kitfox. John '42 and Marian 
Henderson Hub '42, Naperville, IL, celebrated 48 
years of marriage on December 22, 1991. During 
the summer of 1991, John participated in the third 
U.S. National Senior Olympics in Syracuse, New 
York, where he placed fifth in the 100-meter 
breaststroke and sixth in the high jump. There were 
over 5200 seniors enrolled in 18 athletic events. 
Pete Bibb '51 lives in Juneau, Alaska. Dean '52 

Pete Bibb '51 

and Valeria Bloom Cornwell '53, Wauwatosa, 
are both retired from the Milwaukee Public School 
System and now spend about six months of the year 
traveling in the U.S., Mexico and Canada in their 
motor home. Ronald Johnson "54, Woodville, is 
retired after 35 years of teaching. Lyle Martens 
BS '57, MS '62. Waunakee, is the deputy 
superintendent of the state Department of Public 
Instruction. Audrey Adams Johnson '58, Viola, 
has retired after 3 1 years of teaching at Kickapoo 
Schools. Wallace Schmeling MS '59 is 
superintendent of Mandan Public Schools, Mandan, 
ND. Katchen Kubitz Ringelstetter '60,Madison, 
is a school food services specialist/consultant for 
the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 
She has also assumed the office of treasurerfor the 
Phi Upsilon Omicron Madison alumni chapter. 
AnneThielReutherBS'61,MS'84,New Berlin, 
is food service supervisorforthe school districts of 
Elm Brook and Muskego/Norway . Arthur Hanke 
BS '62, MS '62 is director of media services at 
Township High School, Arlington Heights, IL. 
Joanne Gosser Seiler '62 is a teacher in the 
Family and Consumer Education Department at 
D.C. Everest Senior High, Scho'field. Susan 
Banovich Oxendorf BS '64, MS '68, Spring Hill, 
FL, is a home economics teacher at Hernando High 
School and was recently named to the Hernando 
County Academy of Teachers. She is the creator of 
the successful Hernandough Catering program in 
which students experience all phases of the food 
service industry. Brian Walker '64, Manitowoc, 
has joined Norwest Bank as vice president of 
business banking. Harold Ehrenreich BS '65, 
MS '66,math instructor at Northcentral Technical 
College, Wausau, has been nominated for the 
"Outstanding Vocational Teacher" award by the 
Wisconsin Vocational Association. Paul Barry 
BS '67,MS ' 68, Cudahy, is a technology education 
teacher at Cudahy Senior High School. He is also 
a member of the band, Barry's Truckers, which he 
started in 1971. Jeanne Storm Schwass '67 was 
elected Stoughton Public Schools "Teacher of the 
Year" for 1 99 1 . Tim Wentling BS '67. MS '68 is 
a professor and head of the Department of 
Vocational and Technical Education, College of 
Education, University of Illinois. Marian 
Gullickson Dombrock BS '68, MS '72, Apple 
Valley, MN, an Edina High School personal and 
family life sciences teacher, was presented the 
state "Home Economics Teacher of the Year" 
award at the April 1991 MHEA state convention 
held in Duluth. She was also honored as one of the 
top ten home economics teachers nationally by 
AHEA. Carl Riis '68, Roanoke, TX, is a pilot for 
Delta Airlines. Diane Johnson Brion BS '69, MS 
'74, UW-Extension home economist in Buffalo 
and Pepin counties, received the National 
Association of Extension Home Economists 1991 
Distinguished Service Award. Helen Larson MS 
'69, counselor at Northcentral Technical College, 
Wausau, has been nominated for an award of 
excellence from the Wisconsin Vocational 
Association in the "Specialty Services" category. 

Ronald Trimberger '69, Appleton, was elected 
president of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association 
which has 2,500 members. 


Dawn Carlson '70, Baltimore, MD, is a senior 
clinical dietitian at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Robert 
Zeitler '70 is an engineer with UnitedTechnologies, 
Milwaukee. Harald Barry BS 71, MS '83 was 
recently appointed vice president of manufacturing 
at Red Wing Shoe Co., Red Wing, MN. Barry 
previously was superintendent of the company's 
Burnsideplant Robert Cavey '71 of KV Graphics, 
Chanhassen, MN, designed a software package for 
the Macintosh computer, "Swamp Gas Visits the 
United States of America," which won the 
honorable mention award for education software at 
the MacUser Editors Choice Awards in San 
Francisco. In addition. Swamp Gas was chosen as 
one of the top 1 00 software packages of theyearby 
MacUser in their December 1991 issue. EllieLotz 
Dietrich '71 is MBA counseling services 
coordinator at Penn State University, State College, 
PA. Dan Hampton BA '71 has been named first 
vice president of investments at Robert W. Baird & 
Co., La Crosse. John Lalor BS '71, MS '74, 
Waunakee, has been named administrative dean, 
Instruction Support/Outreach Services, Madison 
Area Technical College. Donald Nelson '71 is. 
director of purchasing at Geo. A. Hormel & Co., 
Austin, MN. Maury Schiowitz '71 has retired 
from the packaging industry and now resides in 
Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Kathryn Alder '72, 
Lake Geneva, is the club membership director for 
Geneva National, a 1600-acre residential/ 
recreational community. Rick Bruhn B A '73 , MS 
'75 isan associate professor of counselor education 
at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX. 
Bruce Lemery MS '73 is superintendent of the 
Hillsboro School District. Katie Nezworski 
Petersen '73 is the owner/director of Playmates 
Nursery School, Fond du Lac. Beth Milatz 
Brusberg '74 is a family and consumer education 
teacher at Edison Middle School, Janesville. 
Brenda Otto Kramer MS '74 & 75, Rochester, 
MN, is director of adult services for Olmsted 
County Social Services. She was one of four 
Minnesotans to be named to the Midwest Mental 
Health Leadership Corps, a training program 
sponsored by the National Institute of Mental 
Health. Rachel Coggins Lent 74, Port Edwards, 
received a master's degree in human and community 
resources from UW-Stevcns Point in December 
and now teaches family and consumer education 
and health at East Junior High, Wisconsin Rapids. 
David 74 and Susan Mayer Lundin 73 reside in 
Lexington, KY. David is manager of organization, 
training and development at Standard Products 
Co.; Susan is manager of the University Center 
Cafeteria and Catering Services atEasternKentucky 
University. Judy Murray 74, Madison, is a home 
economics teacher at Lake Mills High School. 
Emil Remus BS 74, MS ' 80 has been promoted to 
the rank of full professor of auto-diesel technology 
in the College of Career and Vocational Education 
at the University of Alaska. Peter Sesselman BS 
74, MS 76 is a rehabilitation counselor in Helena, 
MT. Mark Stieglitz 74, Menomonee Falls, was 
appointed director of sales and marketing for 
Beatrice Cheese Inc., a division of Con-AgraFoods. 
Robert 74 and Shelley Sherman Ward 75 reside 
in Springfield, MO. Robert is director of customer 
service at Burlington Northern Railroad. Ann 
Welch 74 was ordained in November by American 
Baptist Churches/US A. She is the minister of youth 
and christian education at First Baptist Church, 
Howell, MI. 


Mark 75 and Julie Beaver Kinney 76 reside in 
Menomonie and are celebrating their tenth year in 
business as All American Mfg., Boyceville. Mark 
also serves on the Stout Foundation Board. Gary 
75 and Teresa Simmons Schoenborn 75 are 
now residing in Wisconsin Rapids. Gary has been 
elected president of the Vietnam Veterans of 
America Central Wisconsin Chapter 101. Daniel 
Scott MS 75, Port Edwards, is vice president of 
manufacturing at Opportunity Development 
Centers Inc. Steven Vande Berg MS 75, 
Menomonie, owner of the Best Western Holiday 
Lodge, has become the first Wisconsin hotelier to 
be elected to the board of directors for Best Western 
International Inc., the world'slargest lodging chain. 
The board formulates corporate policy and provides 
direction for Best Western's nearly 1,900 hotel 
properties throughout the United States, Canada 
and the Caribbean. Chuck Caverly ' 76 was recently 
appointed vice president of research and product 
development at Red Wing Shoe Co., Red Wing, 
MN. Formerly, he was process engineer for 
manufacturing in charge of implementing 
continuous flow manufacturing. Steven Duginski 
BS 76, MS '88, Green Bay, is an instructor at 
NWTC. Ronald Mundt 76, Pewaukee, is manager 
of technical communications at Harlcy-Davidson 

Inc. John Warren BS 76, MS '81 is a drafting 
teacher in the Mukwonago School District. He has 
recently been featured in a number of publications 
including the Milwaukee Journal for his program 
in "real education." The program gets industry and 
business involved in the teachingprocess so students 
can get a taste of the real world of work. Frank 
Worachek'76,Platteville, is directorof Southwest 
Opportunity Center, which provides prevocational 
training to developmentally disabled people. 
Gregory Plutshack BS 77, MS '81 is the safety/ 
risk management coordinator at Immanuel Medical 
Center, Omaha, NE. Karen Virnoche-Brown 77, 
Freeport, IL, is director of training and development 
with Service Master Food Management Services. 
Beth Brandes Anderson 78 is ahome economics 
teacher atNorth Junior High School, CrystalLake, 
IL. Judy Stanzek Gradel 78 is a first grade 
teacher for New Berlin Public Schools. Dianne 
Meinholz Hoffman MS 78 , Stoddard, is a teacher 
at Western Wisconsin Technical College and was 
recognized as Region IJJ "Teacher of the Year" at 
the American Vocational Association Convention 
held in Los Angeles in December. Edward Kuehn 
Ed.S. 78, Dunwoody, GA, is a systems analyst 
with HBO/Time and has recently returned from a 
year and a half overseas assignment in England. 
Jan Nichols Mattingly 78, Lakeland, FL, is 
president of Survey USA Inc., a market research- 
firm serving the tourism industry. John Motola 
78 is director of catering at the Seattle Marriott 
Hotel, Seattle, WA. He is also president of the 
Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National 
Association ofCateringExecutives. William Otto 

78, Nashville, TN, is general manager of the 
Stouffer Nashville Hotel and is currently serving 
as president of the Nashville Hotel-Motel 
Association. The Stouffer Nashville Hotelreceived 
the 1991 "Hotel ofthe Year" award at the Stouffer 
Hotels and Resorts Management Conference held 
in Cleveland, OH. Barbara Diel Rogaczewski 78 
is an account representative for Frank F. Haack & 
Associates, Milwaukee. Sandra Quilling Buran 

79, Ocean Park, WA, has been invited to be a 
delegate for the Citizen Ambassador Program of 
People to People International, which each year 
develops a limited number of specialized teams to 
travel to countries throughout the world for the 
purpose of professional, scientific and technical 
exchanges . In May she will be among the delegation 
of reading educators to travel to Budapest, Hungary, 
Moscow and St. Petersburg. Paul Ferguson '79, 
Linden. MI, is supervisor of manufacturing 
engineering at General Motors Powertrain. Mark 
Nowak 79, Coal Center, PA, is a professor in the 
Department of Industry and Technology at 
California University of Pennsylvania. Mitchel 
Ormson 79 has been promoted to major in the 
United States Army while serving at the U.S. Army 
Ordnance Center and School, Aberdeen Proving 
Ground, MD. He is an instructor/writer with the 
School's Command and Staff Department and is 
currently on temporary duty in the Kingdom of 
Saudi Arabia as part of the Saudi Arabian army 
modernization program. His Army specialty is 
tank/automotive material management. Paula 
Beving Ruesink 79, Wykoff, MN, is employed 
by Premier Bank and is co-owner of an apple 
orchard. Susan Peterson 79, Maplewood, MN, is 
working on a master's degree in early childhood 
education at the University of Minnesota. Mary 
Shroyer 79, Eagan, MN, is a service specialist for 
Northwestern Bell/U.S. West. She recently 
participated in a four-week group study exchange 
program in Seoul, Korea. The exchange was 
sponsored by Rotary International. Daniel Wanish 
MS 79, Plymouth, is acounselorat Glidden School. 
Richard Zoerb 79, Rhinelander, is manager of 
the Best Western Claridge Motor Inn. 


Gary Anderson '80 is manager of manufacturing 
at Badger Paper Mills Inc., Peshtigo. Michael 
Bock MS '80 is a counselor for Pierce County 
Mental Health Services, Ellsworth, and Lumbro 
Valley Mental Health Services, Red Wing, MN. 
Cindy Hass '80, Fall Creek, is the coordinator for 
Outreach Ministry at UW-Stevens Point. She 
recently completed three and one-half years of 
cross cultural work in Taipei, Taiwan. Jeffrey 
Ketcham '80, Dayton, OH, is a dietitian at Miami 
Valley Hospital and was elected treasurer of the 
Ohio Dietetic Association in July. He has received 
a master's degree in business administration from 
Wright State University. Peter '80 and Robyn 
Leeseberg Morin BS 78, MS '82 reside in 
Menomonie. Peter is an attorney; Robyn is a key 
account representative for Warner-Lambert Co. 
Richard Sprecher ' 80 has been appointed director 
of development for the states of Illinois, Iowa, 
Minnesota and Wisconsin at Choice Hotels 
International, the largest hotel franchisor in the 
world with more than 2,700 hotels, inns, suites and 
resorts in 25 countries. Gregory St. Claire '80, 
Stillwater, MN, is a simulator standards and 
development pilot for Northwest Airlines Inc. 
Claude '80 and Jana Davis Zimmerman 78 

Donna Fain Brown '81 

reside in Port Washington. Claude is a training 
VA Hospital in Milwaukee. Helen Guhl Adams 
MS '81, school library media specialist at Rosholt 
High School, was awarded a Kohl Teacher 
Fellowship. Mark '81 and Sim Papageorge Boyle 
'81 reside in Green Bay. Mark has been promoted 
to district sales manager for the Green Bay area at 
Baraboo Sysco. Donna Fain Brown '8 1 , San Jose, 
CA, represented Chancellor Sorensen and UW- 
Stout at the October inauguration of John P. 
Schlegel, president of the University of San 
Francisco. Christopher Chapman '81, St. Paul, 
MN, is the general manager of Golden Valley 
Country Club Inc. Cindy Hodsdon '81, Moses 
Lake, WA, is a social worker/parent educator and 
serves as board president of the local Planned 
Parenthood agency. William Kuhns MS '8 1 , West 

Jerilyn Kinkema Dinsmoor '82 

Worthington, OH, is a behavior specialist with the 
Franklin County Board of Mental Retardation. In 
addition he has also been hired as a behavior 
therapist consultant by the Individual Options 
Program of the Ohio Department of Mental 
Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. 
Luanne Neumann MS '81, Prairie Du Chien, has 
been promoted to associate professor with the 
University of Wisconsin-Extension. She is 
extension home economist for Crawford County. 
Kenneth '81 and Karen Reinhardt Roberts '88 
reside in Stockbridge, GA. Both are employed at 
the Catalog Distribution Center of J.C. Penney Co. 
in Atlanta, GA. Michael Van Rite '81, food and 
beverage director. Embassy Suites, Green Bay, 
was named Green Bay area Outstanding 
Restauranteur of the Year 1992. Gregory Blair 
'82, Wisconsin Rapids, has received a master of 
science in education from UW-Stevens Point. Kirk 
Carson "82, St. Paul, MN, is a unit clerk with the 
Minnesota Army National Guard. Jerilyn 
Kinkema Dinsmoor '82 is executive director of 
the Pump House Regional Center for the Arts, La 
Crosse. She was named the 1991 "YWCA 
Outstanding Woman in the Arts." David Keith '82 
is catering sales manager at Red Apron Catering, 
Long Lake, MN. Susan Nelson ' 82 is an accountant 
with Servicemaster, Downers Grove, JL. Kim 
Maroney '82 earned a master's degree in human 
resources training and development from St. Cloud 
State University and is now employed as a human 
resource manager in Orlando, FL. Gary Schlaeger 
"82, Austin, TX, has been promoted to senior 
development engineer. Electrical Products 
Division, 3M. Michael Schmitz '82, Rochester 
Hills, MI. is warranty product compliance manager, 
Pontiac Division, General Motors Corp. Janet 
Schneider Yardley '82 is marketing manager for 


The William Carter Co., New York, NY. Debra 
BellBS '83.MS '91 is a second grade teacher in the 
Boyceville Community Schools. Melanie Block 
'83, Bayside, NY, is district hospital representative, 
Roerig Division, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Craig 
Frey '83 is employed by IBM, Rochester, MN. 
Gary Friederichs '83 is a principal in the industrial 
design consulting office of Matre Design Inc., 
Milwaukee. Sihiyona Yoila Gomos '83 is a high 
school teacherin Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. David 
Hawes '83 and brother John Hawes '83, Racine. 

Foods, Franklin. Mary Kiwus Wiseman '85 and 
husband, Bill, are theowners of Wiseman Vending, 
Savage, MN. Kent Barrett ' 86 has been promoted 
to regional sales director, Marriott Corp., Facilities 
Management Services, Andover, Sidney Bauer 
BS '86. MS '88 is a vocational consultant with MV 
Consultants, Eau Claire. Patricia Capouch 
Bowman '86. East Providence. RI. is an instructor 
in the Hospitality College of Johnson and Wales 
University. Susan Castronova '86, Piano. TX, is 
national account manager for the city and state of 

Members of the "608 Club" held a reunion in Menomonie during Slnut's centennial homecoming 
in 1990.Pidured in front of the house they lived in are:l front) Patricia Arnulh Thompsun'82. 
Andrea Przybilla Okon'82, Karen Kellam Dul'our'Sl , Barbara ( luenther Jenkins 82: < back I Kristi 
Franz SuHcrling'81. Carol Timm Bcrqer'81, Debra Seversun'81. Lisa Ohland Flickinger'82 

have staned a floorcovcring business. David 
Larson BS 'S3. MS '88 is a vocational technology- 
instructor at Waupaca High School. Daniel 
Menden BS "83. MS '80. Hales Comer, has been 
/■troinmci/ In mun:iticr of tln;tl'nihly :il J-I.-irL-y- 
Davidson Inc. Kim MHIiren "83 is front desk 
manager at Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton. Robert 
Mindock MS "S3. Wausau. has been named safety 
and training specialist in loss control services at 
Wausau Insurance Companies. Rod Rotolo '83. is 
the owner of Jack's Nursery Inc.. Slidell. LA., lean 
Sendelbach '83, Milwaukee, is a buyer of misses 
blouses for P.A. Bergner/Boston Store. 


Bryan Albrecht BS '84. MS '89. DeForest, is a 
school to work transition consultant with the 
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Sara 
Bancroft-Short '84 and husband are the owners of 
the Sandhill Inn, Merrimac. Barbara Meier Elton 
'84, Minnetonka, MN, is senior interior designer/ 
managerat Opus Architects andEngineers. Cynthia 
Johnson Hesse '84 has received a master's degree 
in dietetics from Mount Mary College, Milwaukee. 
Harry Janke BS '84, MS '91, Galesville, is chief 
product engineerat Ashley Furniture. RickLappin 
'84, Jackson, MI, is a design engineer and project 
manager for Wolverine Technologies. Debra 
Dreier Ottem '84, Mequon, is a food service 
manager for Daka. Rebecca -Shane BS '84, MS 
'85 is a vocational consultant/expert with Cascade 
Rehabilitation, GreenBay. Todd Ellis '85 is senior 
product designer for the Puma Division of Etonic/ 
Tretorn/Puma, Brockton, MA. Dean Hoff '85 is a 
territory manager for Exxon Company U.S.A, 
Boston. MA. John Makowski '85 is seniorproject 
managerat T.J.HaleCo.,MenomoneeFalls.Hazrat 
Jas Momoh BS '85, MS '86 is the head of the 
Engineering Department at Federal Technical 
College, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.. Roderik Negus 
BS '85, MS '91, Bayport, MN, is a marketing 
account manager with Cray Research Inc. Diane 
Anderson Olson '85 is employed at New Horizons 
Drop-in Center, Eau Claire. Sandra Dettmann 
Randall '85, Milton, is a kindergarten teacher for 
the Milton School District. Scott Sager'85,Mount 
Prospect, IL, is a quality assurance manager for the 
food service division of United Airlines-EXOHO. 
Ann Schmitt '85, Las Vegas, was one of four 
teachers selected as Outstanding Special Educators 
of the Year in the Clark County School District of 
Nevada. She received the honor for a work 
experience program she developed for mentally 
handicapped students. Maria Houtz Schoenborn 
'85, Grand Junction, CO, is a senior designer for 
Office Outfitters and Planners. Jon '85 and Judith 
Okonek Sowl '85 reside in Sturgeon Bay. Jon is a 
diesel instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical 
College; Judith is the WIC director for Door County. 
Joseph Vavra '85, Menomonie, is assistant field 
coordinator for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Peter 
Weber '85 is sales manager at Landshire Fast 

New York accounts at Northern Telecom Inc. 
Gayle Garbisch Flaig "86 is the director of Regis 
Child Care Center, Eau Claire, and also teaches 
early childhood classes at Chippewa Valley 
'IVi'liiii.'.-il Collcjii - . Maureen (iasck Sf>. 
Milwaukee, is a technical illustrator for Dames & 
Moore Environmental Consultants. Lori 
Hamernik '86. Hillsdale, received a master's 
degree in elementary education from UW-River 
Falls in December 1991. Timothy Hotter '86. 
Tampa. FL, is assistant director of engineering at 
the Hyatt Regency Tampa. Jeffrey Klaver '86 is a 
developmental engineer at Tombstone Pizza 
Corporation's Medford plant. Daniel "86 and 
Nancy Peterson McAleese '84 reside in Addison. 
IL.Danielis project managerof overhead conveyor 
systems for Sky Chefs; Nancy is international 
business account manager at Sky Chefs. Nancy 
OsterndorffMerwin'86.Livingston,has received 
a master's degree in elementary education from 
UW-Platteville. Mary Beth Juenemann Moe '86 
is lead appointment clerk at Interstate Medical 
Center, Red Wing, MN. Karen Pernsteiner '86, 
Chestnut Hill, MA, is a dietitian at the Center for 
the Study of Nutrition Medicine, Harvard Medical 
School. Randy Peterson '86, Winona, MN, is a 
senior industrial designer with Ashley Furniture. 
Heidi Storm '86 is a neonatal nutritionist/faculty 
member at Rueh-Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical 
Center. Chicago, IL. John '86 and Ann Steinert 
Strupp '86 reside in Nashua, NH. John has been 
promoted to sales representative at Banta Co. 
Kristin Shirley Wood '86, Waterville, MN, is a 
vocational evaluator at the Faribault. 
Regional Center. Mary Eileen Zenk BS '86, MS 
'87 is attending Harvard Business School, 
Cambridge, MA. " 


Karen Aspenes ' 87 is director of sales at Channel 
IN, is a packaging engineer with Forcl Motor Co. 
Ronald Carter '87 is a registered representative 
with Prudential Financial Services, Oak Brook 
Terrace, IL. Brenda Davis Everson '87 is executive 
recruiter for The Gap Inc., Minneapolis, MN. John 
Greenlee '87, St. Croix Falls, is the manager of 
Wayne's Restaurant which has been in his family 
since 1959. Diane Jones '87 is financial manager 
for House Calls, Menomonie. Jay Jones '87 is the 
house manager at Normandy Hotel, Minneapolis, 
MN. Kurt Landwehr '87 is sales manager for the 
new Minneapolis Hilton and Towers. Gwen 
Benson Ledin '87, Anoka, MN, is employed by 
Deluxe Corp., Business Forms Division. Julie 
Nygren '87 is housekeeping director at Embassy 
Suites. New York City. Jeffrey Rauchbauer '87, 
Watson; IL, has been promoted to director of 
technical prepress at Petty Co. Barbara Haines 
Roquette '87, St Louis Park, MN, was promoted 
to loan processing analyst at ITT Finance. Dewey 
'87 andKathleen Grosskopf Rothering '87 reside 
in Roscoe, IL: Dewey is a corporate industrial 

engineer for P.A. Bergner; Kathleen is a retail 
trainer for Goodwill Industries. Cheryl Hesselink 
Stewardson '87 is a textile technologist at the U.S 
Army Natick Research. Development and 
Engineering Center, Natick. MA. Greg Stillman 
'87, Sturgeon Bay. is manager of the Bay Shore 
Inn, which was named the 1991 "Property of the 
Year" by the Wisconsin Innkeepers Association. 
Mitchell Bauer '88. Eau Claire, recently won first 
place in the artistic design and the professional 
goldsmith and craftsmanship categories at the Upper 
Midwest Jewelry Design Contest, sponsored by 
the Minnesota Jewelers Association. Dale Gavney 
'88 received amaster's degree in industrial relations 
from the University of Minnesota and is now 
employed as human resources manager at First 
American Bank. Brainerd, MN. Julie Steenson 
MS '88 is a therapist with Marriage and Family 
Health Services, Mondovi. Jennifer Strakalaitis 
'88 is a pattern maker for Flap Doodles, Newark, 
DE. Daniel Woda '88 is a quality engineer at 
Ganton Technologies, Sturtevant. Alice Athman 
Bayerl MS '89 has joined the Department of 
Psychological Services at Red Cedar Clinic, 
Menomonie. She is a psychologist specializing in 
school psychology, childdevelopmentandlearning/ 
behavioral difficulties of children. Marta 
Bergstrom '89 is assistant front office manager at 
the Downtown Chicago Westin Hotel. Gerry 
Bentzler '89 is project manager/estimator at 
Indianhead Construction & Development Inc., Eau 
Claire. James Blenis '89 is employed in system 
sales at Automation Inc., Omaha, NE. Kelly 
McCaffrey Bowden '89 is the manager of the 
Tempe University Travelodge, Tempe, AZ. Joey 
Brennan '89 is the restaurant manager at Marshall 
Fields, Hilldale. Scott Bucholtz '89, Elmhurst, IL. 
is atechnical salesrepresentativeforBesco Graphic 
Systems Corp. John Elliott '89 is sales manager 
for Wyndham Garden Hotel, Phoenix, AZ. Eric 
Harmon '89 is a teacher at Baldwin-Woodville 
High School. John Kluessendorf '89 is atechnical 
instructor at Johnson Controls, Milwaukee. Nathan 
Nick '89 is a manufacturing engineer at Nordberg, 
("lintonville. Tad BA '8') and Kcllj Ccrnoluius 
Pitl man BA 84 reside in New Brighton. M VI ad 
is an advertising coordinator for Vision World; 
Kelly is the advertising coordinator for National 
('anvraK\chaiige.DarienSchae!'er"S l ).l' ; .lmliiirsi. 
IL, is a sales account manager for Residence Inn by 
Marriott. Sarah Schneider '89 is a merchandise 
analyst in the Small Electrics Department at Kohl 's 
Department Stores Corporate Offices. Menomonee 
Falls. Deborah Schroeder "89, Altoona.isahealth 
care account executive for Baraboo Sysco 
KiO(l.-,erviccs. Glenn Walters BA 'S9 is an 
industrial designer with Brooks Stevens Design. 
Miluaukiv. Genrgannc- Weslrich "8" is .-.ales 
managerat the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Minneapolis. 


Michelle Scott Beeskow '90 is director of New 
Horizon Child Care, Blaine, MN. Jon '90 and 
Mary Jo Helbig Bishop ' 90 reside in Minneapolis, 
MN. Jon is a customer service representative at 
The Printer; Mary Jo is a sales assistant at 
Anderberg-Lund Printing Co. Kristina Freund 
'90 is a sales representative for Left Bank Wines, 
Madison, and is pursuing a master's degree in 
business administration at UW-Whitewater. Chris 
Halverson '90 has been promoted to quality 
engineerat Webster-HoffCorp.;GlendaleHeights, 
IL. Lisa Jandrt '90 is a vocational rehabilitation 
specialist with Woods Rehabilitation Services, 
Orlando, EL. Steven Kurtz '9.0 is a salesman for 

fr-: : iv^^.;;-; 


,■■■: " -Ste.*: 


/' ■ :ffc'i 















?•&"" ' ■*■ 


Dale Gavney '88 

Skyway Printing, St. Paul, MN. Chris Larson '90 
is supervisorof the Prepress Departmental Johnson 
Litho Graphics, Eau Claire. Jay Link '90 is vice 
president of Link Industries, Minong. Lynne 
Moldenhauer '90 is a computer aided designer 
with Miles Homes, Plymouth, MN. Steve Ovren 
'90 is a program quality engineer with Defense 
Research Inc., Naples, FL. Kevin Parks '90 is 
assistant director of quality control at Link 
Industries, Minong. Pao Thao BS '90, MS '9 1 is 
a case managerat St. Paul Public School. Kathryn 
Stancer '90 is employed by the Menominee Indian 
Tribe, Keshena. Don Voss '90 has been promoted 
to front desk shift supervisor at the Jockey Club. 
Las Vegas, NV.Jeftrey '90 andSarahKlstWittlief 
BA '90 reside in Dubuque, IA. Jeffrey is employed 
by Cordon Construction Co.; Sarah is an interior 
designer with Business Supply Co. Patrick Brill 
'91, Avon, CO,, is a department manager for the 
HyattRegency Beavercreek Resort. DeaneBruner 
'91 is assistant executive housekeeper at the Hyatt 
Regency, Minneapolis, MN. Valerie Bush "91, 
Plymouth,. MN, is assistant manager at Leeann 
Chin. Michel Chamberland MS '91, Quebec. 
Canada, is a safety manager at Alcan Canada. 
Diane Cordes '91, Woodbury. MN, is a packaging 
engineer with 3M. Richeile Crank "9 1 is an EMH 
teacher at D.C. Everest Junior High, Schofield. 
Mary Kaye Follensbee '91 is a supervisor at 
Casual Comer. Regency Mall. Racine. Kathleen 
Hartsough Gaier '91 is a kindergarten teacher at 
Montessori Children's House, Sheboygan. Lori 
Ruedinger Hasenberg '91. Menomonie. is a 
customerservicerepresentative for Presto. Pamela 
Heuer '91, Reynoldsburg, OH, is a corporate 
trainer with Holiday Inn Worldwide. Rick Laher 
'91, Medford. is a plant engineer with Weather 
Shield Manufacturing Inc. Mary Lammers '91 is 
a fashion consultant for Let's Dress You Up, 
Milwaukee. MarniLarsen '91 is assistant manager 
at Casual Comer, Cedar Rapids, IA. Rita Matthys 
'91, West Des Moines, IA, is an assistant buyer for 
Younkers. Glenn Meysembourg '91, Menomonee 
Falls, is a production planner/estimator for Reindl 
Bindery Co. Genevieve Penfield '91, Steamboat 
Springs, CO, is the manager of Winona Knits. Tim 
Quast '9 1 is a plant manager trainee with Wausau 
Homes Inc. Daniel Saunders '91 is an industrial 
arts teacher at Orangeville High School, 
Orangeville. Lori Shemak '91 is a 
mentaldisabilities-trainable teacher for the Cedar 
Rapids, Iowa, Community School District. Scott 
J. Smith '91 is a sales representative for Taiyo 
KagakuCo. Ltd., Japan. Deborah Stromgren '91 
is a territorial manager for State Chemical 
Manufacturing Co., Madison. Timothy Sweeney 

Four Stout graduates recently held a mini reunion in Breckenridge, CO. AH four of them resided 
in North Hall "4F". Pictured from left to right are: Renee Clements Hood '85, Lisa StessI '86, Neri 
Greenlee and Christine Hockers '86. 

'91, is a mechanical design engineer for Graber 
Projects Inc., Madison. Kelli Thuli '9 1 is employed 
in the Continuing Education Department at UW- 
Madison. Melissa Maslowski Vogler MS '91 is a 
financial aid counselor at UW-Eau Claire. Denise 
Hildebrandt Wolf '91 is a chemist for Industrial 
& Environmental Analysts Inc., Schaumburg, EL. 

Births — 1967-1990 

A daughter, Katherine Jean, Sept. 8, to John and 
Carla Keipe Goode'67, Green Lake. A son, Jake 
Robert, June 1 8, to Larry '7 1 and Jeanne Coulter, 
Ridgway, CO. A son, William Charles, June 3, to 
William '72 and Catherine Welch, Onalaska. A 
daughter, Erin Nicole, Oct 17, to David '73 and 
Mary Heuer Baumann '74, Lafayette, NY. A 
daughter, Molly, March 2, 1991, to James BS '74, 
MS '75 and Laurie Maguire, Ramsey, NJ. A 
daughter, Nicole Elizabeth, March 26, 1991, to 
Kent and Sue Anderson Johnson '76, Merrill. A 
son, Nathan Ronald, Sept. 28, to Ronald '76 and 
Janice Mundt, Pewaukee. A son, Jerome Robert, 
Aug. 1, to Brian and LuAnn Erkfitz Paczkowski 
"76, Burlington. A daughter, Marlee Anna, Sept. 
1 6, to Mark and Georgia Solos Ryerson '77, Lake 
Zurich, JL. A son, Justin Case, Feb. 2, to Mark and 
Leslie Schumacher Dunkak '78, Minneapolis, 
MN. A son, David John, Jan. 29, to John and 
Bernice Vieth Fromuth, Reading, PA. A daughter, 
Madeline Rose, Jan. 27, to John '78 and Beth 
Motola, Kent, WA. A daughter, Chelsea Elizabeth, 
Dec. 27, to Walter '78 and Launa Peterson, 
Bakersfield, CA. A daughter, Elizabeth Sarah, 
Nov. 13, to John '78 and Becky Tuchscherer, 
Oshkosh. A son, Tyler Thomas, Jan. 1 0, to Thomas 
'79 and Patricia Bohmke, Green Bay. A son, Evan 
Thomas, Nov. 20, to Randy and Karen Carlstrom 
Cooper '79, Piano. TX. A daughter, Chella Quinn, 
Jan. 30, to Peter and Lynn Stone Jagaraj '79, 
Sauk Rapids, MN. A son, Alan David, March 1, 
1990, to David and Jane Shadier Jordal '79, 
Greenwood, MN. A daughter, Linda Marie, Sept. 
5, to John and Debra Fischer Kenyon BS '79, MS 
'85, North Fort Myers, FL. A son, Ryan Bradley, 
Feb. 11, to Randall '79 and Ruth Kremer 
Pickering '80, Fitchburg. A daughter, Julie Elise, 
Nov. 20, to David and Janet Ahlstrom Risinger 
'79, Roseville, MN. A son. Aaron Christen. July 
3 1 , to Paul '79 and Dianne Hansen Robinson MS 
'85, River Falls. A daughter, Emily Brooke, Dec. 
I 1 ), ui Matthew ;unl Kristi Om:in Anderson "SO. 
I'lirl Aniiclcs. W.V A itmphiiT. Kl.nv Warren. 
Dec. 3 1 , to Rick and Pamela Warren Armstrong 
'80, Milwaukee. A daughter, Kathryn Lauree, 
BS '80.MS '81, Sterling, IL. Ason,CharlesDarcy, 
Oct. 8, 1990, to Darcy '80 and Donna Karlen, 
Olathe, KS. A daughter, Janelle Anne, Dec. 12, to 
Thomas and Karen Jarocki Strewler B S ' 80, MS 
'80, Superior. A daughter, Carrie Lynn, June 19, 
to Mark '81 and Sim Papageorge Boyle, Green 
Bay . A daughter, Ally son Leigh, March 3 , 1 99 1 , to 
• Kent and Rebecca Wyss Mayer '81, Enid, OK. A 
daughter, Kimberly Rachael, Aug. 29, to David 
and Gayle Jonas Ness '81, Alexandria, VA. A son, 
Jason Christopher, Nov. 26. to Brent and Kristin 
Martzke Schneider '81, Andover, MN. A son. 
Anthony Joseph, Jan. 5, to Steve and Kim Wilson 
Squillace '81, Phoenix. AZ. A son, Daniel Hiroki, 
May 23. 1990. to Kazuki '81 and Charlene 
Baumann Takeuchi '85, Scarsdale, NY. A 
daughter, Kimberly Ellen, Oct. 3, to Mark '82 and 
Diane Anderson, Maplewood, MN. A daughter, 
Melissa Ann, March 20, 1991, to Pete '82 "and 
Cathy Albanese Berends '82, San Jose, CA. A 
son, Mitchell George, Feb. 1 9, 1 99 1 , to Jeffrey ' 82 
and Lorie Maidl Bunke BS '80, MS '81, 
Rosemount. MN. A son. Matthew Kirk, July 10, 

1990, to Kirk "82 and Anne Carson, St. Paul. A 
daughter, Caylee Amanda. Jan 2, to Lee and Carin 
Tebben Hagemeyer, Clara City, MN. A daughter, 
Kathryn Aileen, July 3, to Thomas "82 and Barbara 
Guenther Jenkins '82, Appleton. A son, Alex 
Michael. March 4, 1991. to Timothy '82 and 
Brenda Schaffer. Cottage Grove, MN". A daughter. 
Allison Leigh. Dec. 4. to Gary '82 and Catherine 
Schlaeger, Austin, TX. A "daughter. Kimberly 
Marilyn, Oct. 1 9. to Kevin ' 82 and Charlotte Scott, 
Green Bay. A son, ChristopherMark Frederickson, 
to Mark '82 and Carol Frederickson Thompson 
'81. St. Louis Park, MN. A daughter, Abigail 
Lynn, Nov. J. to Mark '82 and Laurie Kapla 
Zastrow '82. Green Bay. A son, Cameron Quincy, 
April 22, 1991, to Anthony '83, '84 and Karen 
Gaskin, Milwaukee. A daughter, Anna Amelia, 
July 18, to Gregory '83 and Suellen Geske 
Hageness '85, Eau Claire. A daughter, Glendora 
Jane, March 13, to Kevin "83 and Patricia James, 
Newport, NC. A daughter, Kathryn, to David '83 
and Julie Larson, Waupaca. A son, Joshua Thomas, 
April 22, 1991, to Bruce '83 and Judy Thomas 
Plummer '82, Bartlett, IL. A son, Jarrod, March 4. 

199 1 , to Rod '83 and Valerie Rotolo, Slidell, LA. 
A daughter, Kelli Elisabeth, Sept. 8, Steve and 
Susan Strand Bohren '84, Dallas, TX. A daughter. 
Haanah Grace, June 22, to Daniel ' 84 and Kathleen 
Kuepper Braun '84, Shawano. A daughter, 
Hannah Elizabeth, May 10, 1991, to David and 
Barbara Meier Elton '84, Minnetonka, MN. A 

daughter, Chelsea Lynn, Dec. 16, to Russell and 
Laura Quale Fenske '84, Baraboo. A son, 
Nicholas, Aug. 19, to Shawn and Patti Anderson 
Friese '84, Amery. A son. Beau Jacob. July 5, to 
Harry BS '84, MS '91 and Louise Janke, 
Galesville. A daughter, Lara, April 11, 1991, to 
Paul '84 and Laurie Lekang, Wahpeton, ND. A 
son, Curtis Lee, May 2, 1991, to James '84 and 
Cheryl Lund, Austin, TX. A daughter, Dawson 
Ann, April 7, 1990, and a son, William Paul, Oct. 
8, 1991, to Paul and Sara Bancroft Short '84, 
Merrimac. A daughter, Amy Kaylynn, Nov. 24, to 
Thomas and Nancy Rasmussen Carlisle BA '85, 
Fort Carson, CO. A son, Leo Russell, June 24, to 
Douglas '85 and Genelle Konewko Dedering 
'85, West Bend. A son, Nathan Leigh, Aug. 16, to 
Keith '85 and Ginger Havens Guggenberger 
'86, Minnetonka, MN. A son, William, Oct. 26, to 
Raymond and Michelle Gerhardt Hendreg '85, 
Hanover Park, JL. A daughter, Karissa Marie, 
Sept. 1, to Randy and Susan Thelander Klugow 
'85, Howard Lake, MN. A son, Cody Aaron, Oct. 
22, to Jeffrey '85 and Paula Osegard, Owatonna, 
MN. A son, Jay Michael, June 8, to Allen '85 and 
Maria Houtz Schoenborn '85, Grand Junction, 
CO. A son, Carson David, Sept. 14, to Jon '85 and 
Judith Okonek Sowl '85, Sturgeon Bay. A 
daughter, Katelyn Marie, Oct. 2, to Richard and 
Jody Hutkowski Stoughtenger '85, Wheeling, 
JL. A son, Trey sen, Sept. 1991, to Joseph '85 and 
Lesa Heise Vavra '84, Menomonie. A daughter, 
Taylor, Jan. 1991. to Bill and Mary Kiwus 
Wiseman '85, Savage, MN. A daughter, Aubrey 
Ann, Aug. 15, to Mark '85 and Kristin Shirley 
Wood '86, Waterville, MN. A son, Benjamin 
Patrick, Oct. 5, to Edward '86 and Leigh Ann 
Lacey Arneson '85, Dacula, GA. A son, June 24, 
to Richard and Patricia Capouch Bowman '86, 
East Providence, RI. A son, Brett Ronald, Dec. 28, 
to Tim and Karen Kozeliski Dahl '86, Ellsworth. 
A son, Luke James, Oct. 15, to John '86 and Leslie 
Berenschot Goodnetter '86, Elm Grove. A son, 
Matthew Stephen, July 16, to Stephen '86 and 
Nan Boldt Hokanson '86, Sheboygan Falls. A 
daughter, Amber Marie, Feb. 17, to Daniel '86 and 
Nancy Peterson McAleese '84, Addison. JL. A 
son, Michael Andrew, Jan. 24, to Mark '86 and 
Elizabeth Klein Pasbrig '87, Elk Grove Village, 
IL. A daughter, Melissa, Feb. 26, 1989, and a son, 
Matthew, Nov. 29, 1990, to Mark and Denise 
Lynch Snyder '86. Wisconsin Dells. A son, 
Jonathan Ta> lor. Nov. 27. in William 'S7 ;niil Jane 
Boyd, Connersville, IN. A daughter, Kelsey 
Carolyn, Nov. 2, to Richard and Barbara Haines 
Roquette '87, St. Louis Park, MN. A daughter, 
Cassandra Ellyn, Nov. 29, to Jeffrey BS '89, MS 
'90 and Paula Igel, Madison. A son, Nicholas John, 
March 13, 1991, to Richard '89 and Sandra 
Jackson, Minneapolis, MN. A son, Bradley Scott, 
Jan. 10, to Harold and Michelle Scott Beeskow 
'90, Coon Rapids, MN. 


Anthony '78 and Mary Workman Gruber 76, 
Fort Atkinson, daughter, Lydia Marie, born Jan. 

25, 1991, adopted April 1991. Peter '80 and 
Robyn Leeseberg Morin BS '78, MS '82 
Menomonie, a son, Victor, age 4, and a daughter, 
Katie, age 2. Both are from Cusco, Peru, and 
arrived in the U.S. in May 1991. 

Deaths — 1910-1990 

Rose Sexton Peters Dip. '10, Sept. 14, Chula 
Vista, CA. Sarah Osborn Dip. '13, Sept. 26, 
Ashland. John Kubiak Dip. '21, BS '33,Nov.24, 
Wausau. Pearl Lindauer Reynolds Dip. '24, Oct. 
6, Cobb. Clara Taylor Simmons '24, Oct. 24. 
Monroe. Edwara Schneller '28. Dec. 25. Edina, 
MN. Cecelia Cadigan "30, Nov. 16, Casco. 
Thomas Nelson '30. Dec. 3. Portland, OR. Edna 
Dinnies Bilse '31, Dec. 23, Menomonie. Norman 
Brooks '32, Jan. 7, Kalamazoo, MI. Louis Larson 
'33. Dec. 28, Menomonie. Evelyn Peck "36, Oct. 
24. Green Bay. Emily Anderson Hanke "37, Nov. 
24. Port Hueneme. CA. Paul Billiet '49, Feb. 18, 
1991, Aberdeen, MD. John Schwalbe '50, Jan. 

26. Janesville. Rita Ziegeweid '52, Oct. 4, St. 
Paul, MN. Milton Benner '53. Jan. 12, Oldsmar, 
FL. William Sirek MS '54. Oct. 3, Appleton. 
Viola Wicken Dodge '56, July 1990, Columbia 
Falls, MT. Homer Frase '56, Jan. 29, Eau Claire. 
Curriss Brihn '67, Nov. 28, Tampa, FL. Karen 
Fabritz Koderl '70, Feb. 10, Madison. David 
Martell MS '72, Sept. 30. Eau Claire. Bernadette 
Strong Christianson '77, Dec. 21 , Edgar. Daniel 
Siler BA '81, MS '82. Nov. 8, Whitewater. 
Barbara Shakal Pelant BS '84, MS '85, Dec. 25, 
Savage,MN. Torrey Nelson '90, March 3, 
Hopkins, MN. 

Marriages — 1966-1991 

Eileen Myrick BS '66, MS '81 to Randy Taft, 
Sept. 21. Couple resides in Escanaba, MI. Sandra 
Kirschner to John Zemke "75. July 27. Couple 
resides in Sheboygan Falls. Eileen Straub '76 to 
Mark Mirr, July 6. Couple resides in Kenosha. 
Mary Jo Adelmeyer to Pat Grady '77, Dec. 21. 

Couple resides in Lomira. Elsa Florcs to Richard 
Peet '78, Aug. 31. Couple resides in Golden 
Valley, MN. Shari Klein to Sheldon Glassner 78, 
Oct. 13. Couple resides in Tamarac, FL. Paula 
Beving 79 to Roger Ruesink, June 22. Couple 
resides in Wykoff, MN. Julia Brandner to Randall 
Runge 79, Sept. 14. Couple resides in Medford. 
Ann Rossmiller to Robert Lechelt '80, Sept. 21. 
Couple resides in Wausau. Teresa Atkinson '81 to 
Darton Drake, Sept. 15. Coupleresides in Baraboo. 
Janet Schneider '82 to Charles Yardley, April 6, 
1991. Couple resides in Ridgewood, NJ. Robin 
Upright '82 to Keith Vande Water, July 13. Couple 
resides in New Freedom, PA. Amy Jo Bohnhoff 
'83 to Michael Jarvi, Aug. 10. Couple resides in 
Bruce Crossing, MI. Laure Jahner to Steven Shilts 
'83, Aug. 3. Couple resides in White Bear Lake, 
MN. Elisabeth Schmelzle to Glenn Bloch BS '83, 
MS '85, Aug. 24. Couple resides in Turkey. 
Jennifer Buhl '84 to Richard Powell, July 27. 
Coupleresides in Sturgeon Bay. Michelle Floersch 
toJosephRascher'84,Oct.25. Couple resides in 
Inver Grove Heights, MN. Julie Johnson '84 to 
Paul Mazzoleni, July 6. Couple resides in Gurnee, 
IL. Kristine Warner '84 to Robert DeKlerk, May 
1991. Couple resides in San Diego, C A. Catherine 
Courtney '85 to Daniel Condon, Oct. 26, 
Minneapolis, MN, where couple resides. Cari 
Ford to Timothy Hotter '86, July 27. Couple 
resides in Tampa, FL. Carla Green to David 
Staniforth '86, Sept. 21. Couple resides in 
Minneapolis, MN. Nancy Osterndorff '86 to 
Clayton Merwin, June 22. Couple resides in 
Livingston, WI. Gwen Benson^87 to John Ledin, 
Sept. 1991. Couple resides in Anoka, MN. Carrie 
Bushman to Greg Tomasik '87, Aug. 24. Couple 
resides in Brighton, TN. Lori Campbell '87 to 
Michael Dresen '89, July 27. Couple resides in 
Atlanta, GA. Brenda Davis '87 to William Everson, 
May 1991. Couple resides in Plymouth, MN. Lisa 
Hammerschmidt '87 to Joel Frestedt, July 20. 
Couple resides in St. Paul, MN. Lora Helixon MS 
'87 to Brian Benrud. Aug. 3. Couple resides in 
Menomonie. MargaretHennlich to Allen Buchholz 
'87, Aug. 17. Couple resides in Chippewa Falls. 
CherylHesselink '87 to Paul Stewardson, May 1 8, 
1991. Couple resides in Natick, MA. Nancy 
Johnson '87 to Michael Gerhardson, Sept. 9, 1 990. 
Couple resides in Oakdale, MN. Ann Kuntz to 
Scott Knabenbauer '87, July 20. Couple resides 
in Oconomowoc. Julie Schuette '87 to Jeffrey 
Lesar, Sept. 21. Couple resides in Sheboygan. 
,!:in:s Kail 'Ss u< Robert Briesenieisier N4. Dec. 
28. Couple resides in Oakdale, MN. Kimberly 
Buchanan '88 to Gary Kocken '89, Aug. 31. 
Couple resides in Edina, MN. Judy Herreid '88 to 
Jeffrey Oppelt, Aug. 3. Couple resides in Neenah. 
Jean Koenig '88 to Curt Brauer, April 27, 1991. 
Couple resides in Sheboygan. Vicki Lundberg 
'88 to Kirk Ermatinger BS '89, MS '90, July 20. 
Couple resides in Park Falls. Theresa Moldrem to 
Daniel McConville '88, Aug. 24. Couple resides 

in Cadott. Karen Reinhardt '88 to Kennth 
Roberts '81. Oct. 12. Couple resides in Stockbridge. 
GA. Linda Abendroth '89 to Vincent Kent, Aug. 
3. Couple resides in Lisle, IL. Christie Casper '89 
to Timothy Amundson, Aug. 24. Couple resides in 
Menomonie. Kelly Cernohous BA '89 to Tad 
PittmanBA'89,July 1991. Couple resides in New 
Brighton, MN. Amanda Grabara ! 89 to Randy 
Murphy, Sept. 14. Couple resides in Greenwood. 
Tami Kessenich to Jeffrey Kanouse '89, Sept. 2 1 . 
Couple resides in Sun Prairie. Kalli Knecht to Joel 
Roberts '89, Oct. 12. Couple resides in Eau Claire. 
JaneKonmey to John Zastrow '89, Aug. 3. Couple 
resides in Jackson. Lisa Schnell to Scott Tebo '89, 
Sept. 7. Couple resides in Peshtigo. Virginia 
Bondy '90 to James Blackstone, Nov. 2. Couple 
resides in Roseville, MN. Lori Brodziski '90 to 
Richard Daul '89, Sept. 21. Couple resides in 
Wausau. Anne Ertl to Randy Leppla '90. July 27. 
Couple resides in Menasha. Mary Jo Helbig '90 to 
Jon Bishop '90, Jan. 19. Couple resides in 
Minneapolis, MN. Mary Larson to Thomas Gorges 
'90. Couple resides in Sheboygan. Catherine 
Schneider '90 to Robert Moore, March 2 1 . Couple 
resides in St. Paul. Kelly Fleming '91 to Ronald 
Maas, Sept. 7. Couple resides in Madison. Sandra 
Hagen to Michael Kessler '91, July 6. Couple 
resides in Eau Claire. Denise Hildebrandt '91 to 
Michael Wolf, Oct. 19. Couple resides in 
Schaumburg, JL. Robin Kommer to Steven Meyer 
'91 , Aug. 3. Couple resides in Milwaukee. Annette 
Langman to Kelly Massie '91, Sept. 28. Couple 
resides in Hudson. Heather Mclntyre '91 to 
Robert Maynor '91, Aug. 3. Couple resides in 
Pewaukee. Lori Ruedinger '91 to Chris Hasenberg, 
Jan. 11. Couple resides in Menomonie. Lisa 
VanDeYacht to Scott Ives '91, Aug. 10. Couple 
resides in Eau Claire. 

It's come to our 

Our readers have alerted us to error 
appearing in the recent issue of the 
Outlook. We regret the error and would 
like to correct the information. 

•Marlene Backhaus was not 
identified in the photo for 15 years of 
sen ice- (middle row third from risihn. 

In Memory of Lillian Clair Jeter 

Lillian was born March 20, 1 89 1 to 
Walter and Alice Jeter. She grew up in 
the Alden, Kansas, area and attended 
Alden schools. After graduating from 
the high school, she taught in the Alden 
grade school for a short time. 

Lillian received a B.S. degree from 
Kansas State College in Manhattan and a 
master's degree from Central University 
in New York. She taught at Freemont 
High School in FreemonV Nebraska, 
Nebraska Wesleyan College and 

Alabama State College. In 1927, she 
began teaching at Stout State University 
in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Sheremained 
there until her retirement in 1961. In 
1959, Lillian was honored for her 30 
years of distinguished service at Stout 
University. A new dorm housing freshman 
home economics students was named Jeter 
Hall in her honor. 

After retirement, Lillian returned to 
Kansas where she had been living until 
her death. 




r ■ 




r'-'Sfe:::'.; •■'■ : 








Lillian Clair Jeter at her 100th birthday celebration on March 16, 1991 

! M««.»,»«U ! L , »ja i lB ] 

M"..g" T >.,BJl.M.HMl ' iU J».'ltil,l>;; . ■ .. ; - ' 





*;.-•*■ ; 


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